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Neon Bible

7 Mar


Album of the month

Just mindblowing (and with a hint of climate awareness – the tide is high, and it;s rising still- on Windowsill).

Over the course of 45 mins and 11 songs, Win Butler and co deal with a colour pallet which, although at times distinctivly gloomy, paints a strikingly beautiful picture of the frightening world which surrounds the fearful modern day individual. The energetic (Antichrist Television Blues) balances simple, glorious rock-rooted instrumentation with the harsh underlying thematic development of a father watching his daughter sing on a reality show he has forced her into. 2003 EP track No Cars Go is reworked into a magnificent, choral celebration and stunning closer My Body Is A Cage builds into something of earth shattering proportions.

Certainly not just a worthy follow up to Funeral, instead an album which has managed to avoid the giant shadow cast by the band’s debut and glow in all its glory.
I posted a more gushing review here.

All I can say is you have to hear this (preferably by legal means). This is a band which opened my ears to the beauty in music with their astonishing debut Funeral. Neon Bible has me falling head over heels for them all over again.


Awareness in UK schools

4 Mar

There’s been plenty of talk recently surrounding the UK’s reforms of the GCSE, secondary eduction syllabus. Much emphasis has been put on addressing climate change, and systems such as the greenhouse effect in the new proposals. These are already taught in GCSE sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) as well as in Geography and the now compulsory Citizenship.

But as a current pupil in the UK school system (first year of sixth form) it’s clear that there have been a number of key problems which have confused, bored and been ignored by British school children.

1. Old Textbooks

Many of the editions of the course textbook(s) are from as far back as the early 90s. The scientific community’s understanding of the planet’s ability to cope with climate change, and the causes of the changes has vastly improved, as has the level of accuracy and certainty in predicting future trends. So, newer textbooks are key. They need to be based around the global picture. It’s a global issue. My experience has shown that often the issue is simplified to a local level to aid “understanding”.

2. Inform Teachers

Most teachers are between 30 and 55 years old. What they leant at Uni is not going to necessarily be the case today. The Government needs to ensure the teachers understand the issues so that they can help pupils comprehend them too. Often learning is a case of reading, copying and answering parts of a text book.

3. Solutions

Kids need to be told what the possible ways to halt man made climate change are. Global warming is either portrayed as: a)hotter summers, yay!!! b)doomsday scenario or c) something which will be solved by some invention.

There needs to be a focus on what KIDS can do, FAMILIES can do, SCHOOLS can do and COMMUNITIES can do and well as the necessary GOVERNMENTAL and INTERNATIONAL intervention. It needs to be made clear that in the future it’s probably our generation of youths which will have to deal with the consequences, and we need to be prepared. Obviously major action NOW might weaken the punch global warming is sure to hit us with, but that’s not worth resting our laurels on.

4.) Cross-Curricular continuation

As it is environmental issues are dealt with in both the sciences and geography. This needs to be re structured. It suggest it’s purely a scientific issue, and not political or social. History lessons can highlight the effects of industrialisation. Citizenship can highlight ways to combat it. Religious Studies can involve environmental ethics. Geography must be the centre piece of the issue though, however not all kids take the subject. There’s a risk that it will be an overload, but i don’t think the message is getting through at all.

Previous generations have already made the world of their grandchildren and great grandchildren a much harsher place and have place a huge burden on today’s youth. It would be even sadder if history was to repeat itself.

Ban rallies young to fight climate change

1 Mar

ban Image (UN News Agency)

UN Secretary, Ban Ki-Moon, said today that, “Climate change poses as much danger to the world as war.”

This was part of a wider speech urging the US to respond to international pressure to join the global movement to combat climate change. He added that, “I am encouraged to know that in the industrialized countries from which leadership is most needed, awareness is growing,” and also commented on Al Gore’s “An Inconveniet Truth” (who hasn’t?). Ki-Moon made it clear that climate change is to be a top priority during (and hopefully beyond) his time as the head of the United Nations.

Sure, the news is hopeful, but again a reminder that every day that Bush and his advisers fail to take some proper action by cooperating with other nations, the fight against climate chaos is becoming an increasingly steep uphill struggle.

Mr. Ki-Moon also called on the younger generation to make a stand and make a difference. “Unfortunately, my generation has been somewhat careless in looking after our one and only planet. But I am hopeful that is finally changing. And I am also hopeful that your generation will prove far better stewards of our environment; in fact, looking around this hall today, I have a strong sense that you already are.”

The first pick up

1 Mar


So this is the first post. I’ve been meaning to set up an ecological blog for a while now, but I kept putting it off. I’ve got to the stage now where I’ve had enough of being a bystander and even as a 16 year old, i’m now determined to start making a difference.

This is a beautiful world, but humankind isn’t acting in such a beautiful and selfless manner as nature does. The clock is counting down. I just I hope I’m not too late to start making a difference.

But it’s not just ecology and the environment i care about. Although that will undoubtedly be the focus. This blog’s about living in the modern world, as a young person, in an eco friendly way. I love music like any other teenager, i’m pretty normal on the face of things. But it horrifies me as to how oblivious most of my generation is to climate change action, water conservation and so on.

So this blog is a means to open the eyes of those who refuse to see the reality, and a place to address to those informed and uninformed about just how important and precious our planet is.

Hello world!

1 Mar

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!