Ban rallies young to fight climate change

1 Mar

ban Image (UN News Agency)

UN Secretary, Ban Ki-Moon, said today that, “Climate change poses as much danger to the world as war.”

This was part of a wider speech urging the US to respond to international pressure to join the global movement to combat climate change. He added that, “I am encouraged to know that in the industrialized countries from which leadership is most needed, awareness is growing,” and also commented on Al Gore’s “An Inconveniet Truth” (who hasn’t?). Ki-Moon made it clear that climate change is to be a top priority during (and hopefully beyond) his time as the head of the United Nations.

Sure, the news is hopeful, but again a reminder that every day that Bush and his advisers fail to take some proper action by cooperating with other nations, the fight against climate chaos is becoming an increasingly steep uphill struggle.

Mr. Ki-Moon also called on the younger generation to make a stand and make a difference. “Unfortunately, my generation has been somewhat careless in looking after our one and only planet. But I am hopeful that is finally changing. And I am also hopeful that your generation will prove far better stewards of our environment; in fact, looking around this hall today, I have a strong sense that you already are.”


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