Neon Bible

7 Mar


Album of the month

Just mindblowing (and with a hint of climate awareness – the tide is high, and it;s rising still- on Windowsill).

Over the course of 45 mins and 11 songs, Win Butler and co deal with a colour pallet which, although at times distinctivly gloomy, paints a strikingly beautiful picture of the frightening world which surrounds the fearful modern day individual. The energetic (Antichrist Television Blues) balances simple, glorious rock-rooted instrumentation with the harsh underlying thematic development of a father watching his daughter sing on a reality show he has forced her into. 2003 EP track No Cars Go is reworked into a magnificent, choral celebration and stunning closer My Body Is A Cage builds into something of earth shattering proportions.

Certainly not just a worthy follow up to Funeral, instead an album which has managed to avoid the giant shadow cast by the band’s debut and glow in all its glory.
I posted a more gushing review here.

All I can say is you have to hear this (preferably by legal means). This is a band which opened my ears to the beauty in music with their astonishing debut Funeral. Neon Bible has me falling head over heels for them all over again.

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