Days like these

12 Apr

I don’t have that much to say these days, at least on ecological terms. School is…euggh… right now. But it’s spring holidays. Easter’s just gone and I realised i wasted the first half of the holidays studying when I should be having fun. Went to see Midlake play last night though, which was good, but in the light of two consecutive nights of beautiful arcade fire mayhem at brixton…well, slight disappointment. Then again i didn’t lose a shoe mid gig, i wasn’t hoarse the next day and i didn’t destroy my calves by pogoing for 90 mins non stop.


It was a good set, really beautiful, and once I took it for what it was, it was definately worth it.

But nonetheless I still feel completely without purpose right now. The world seems to drift towards me and the part as if i’m some plain, black rock in the middle of a muddy, unextraordinary river. And it sucks. Higher education decisions, schoolwork, “other” commitments; they just seem to sap the fun out of me.

But, the funny thing is most of the time i’m cheerful. And why? Well, i’m starting to fall in love with nature, which is just making me more impassioned about the environment al. I used to be a animal freak. One of those kids you get who’s seven years old and knows the latin name for an Aoxtl…ha, i was sad(der).

Anyway, I lay in a field yesterday just staring at the sky. And no, i wasn’t high, but it was just so beautiful. I always stare at the sky, but never at the same spot for ten minutes. And it’s made me want to just appreciate it all more. Nature’s an incredible thing, yet I hide away on the internet, or damage it by solely living in the industrialised society in which i carry out my daily life.

So, stare at the sky. Lie in a field.


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