Dry Ice

19 Apr

There was an interesting story today about global warming reducing hurricane activity due to increased wind shear, but i didn’t read it all so I’ll have to go search for it. But knowing my luck it will be on one of those subscription only site google always sends me too.

But i thought this was pretty cool. It’s about artificial snow creation in Tibet, to help protect the snow levels necessary for a good deal of China’s water supply (and seeing as most of the water that reaches the Three Gorges Dam is of Tibetan glacial origin, well it makes sense not to render all that effort completely useless.).

I just wonder whether this is going to have unseen consequence. Possible cloud seeding by the RAF in the 50s might have led to the devastating Lynmouth Flood, below. South Korea has again and again tested out silver iodine in cloud seeding to mixed results. Anyway here’s the story from AP.

China has succeeded in creating an artificial snowfall for the first time in Tibet to combat drought worries, state media reported Wednesday.

The success proves it is “possible to change the weather through human efforts on the world’s highest plateau,” Yu Zhongshui, an engineer with the Tibet meteorological office, was quoted as saying by Xinhua News Agency.

A spokesman for the Tibet Meteorological Bureau said the artificial snow was created by seeding the clouds with silver iodide, which has a cooling effect.
The Qinghai-Tibet plateau feeds the massive Yangtze river which flows through to the sea near Shanghai and Chinese officials have said they are concerned that the impact of global warming will melt glaciers and cause droughts.

Xinhua said the precipitation was measured at 2.2 mm (0.09 inch) and the accumulated snow on the ground reached 1 cm (0.04 inch) after the artificial snowfall. “To launch artificial precipitation can help alleviate drought on the grassland in northern Tibet,” Yu said.


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