So…Russian/US bickering…or Bush’s great act of misdirection.

5 Jun


Russia, America…not too great right now. At this minute. At the moment. At this current time….the newscasters and papers go on.

But it seems to me LIKE EVERYONE’S MISSING THE CON. Sorry for the hyperbole.

I never had the Bush Administration down as the smartest group of people, but this new Cold War style game of rhetorical ping-pong seems like it’s just as much about taking the limelight off the climate change crisis…which is, btw, man made climate  crisis George, as it is a method of striking a few blows to the Kremlin ahead of the G8 summit.

But it’s so depressing. G8 meets tomorrow, Merkel stands ready to steer the most powerful men and women towards a new climate change agreement, but of course Bush and Friends are determined to cast up an overshadowing feeling of Cold War tension, which is in effect turning the mood back 30 years. Instead of being a forward looking summit, everyone will have one eye looking back on the past.

Icy mood,  but don’t fear:

 The Maps – Don’t Fear (sendspace)


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