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28 Sep

Le Corbusier: Femmes (1933)








“oh oh oh masculine Dom-Ino….meet Savoye”



21 Sep


Friends of the Earth film comp shortlist deciced. Now voting has started.

Some of the one minute shorts are really good.

Brilliant (below): Autumn




This all reminds me of:
Watch this potential project in Singapore..beautiful presentation.


I’m kind of stressed at the moment. Music wise I’m mourning missing out on Sigur Ros Heima tickets, so the following are my songs of the moment. One really calming…and the others just plain fun…and seeing as Kanye nearly destroyed HBFS, we might as well remember the original.

Michael Andrews (Donnie Darko) – The Artifact and Living (ss)

Simian Mobile Disco – We Are Your Friends (ss)

Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (ss)


19 Sep


It’s peak typhoon season in the Western Pacific ocean. This year there’s been a below average number of storms so far, as there has been for a number of years now. This is in contrast to the Atlantic. Global warming probably doesn’t cause more storms directly, as there are complex weather and water systems involved. However, it’s nearly certain that global warming is causing stronger storms, in all the world’s basins for tropical cyclone development. Sea temperatures are above average in both basins and higher water temperatures, particularly south of Korean, west of Japan and north of Taiwan, have meant that two recent storms exploded in size and strength over a tiny timescale.

Wipha struck south of Shanghai, China at a moderately strong storm, yet a few hours before landfall it was a giant Supertyphoon with winds just below 153mph. Just a few days earlier storm Nari (pictured) went from a minimal Category 1 storm with winds of 75mph, to a compact monster with 140mph winds…in 24 hrs. Normally such rapid intensification takes 3 to 7 days.

Meanwhile back in the Atlantic there have been two landfalling Category 5 storms, which has never happened before, not even in 2005. More amazing is that there have only been 9 Atlantic storms this year!


Rainy Days

9 Sep



Random…painting i did ages ago



Sigur Ros- Refur


School’s started so i’m in an odd mood. Nice to be learning again, but university stuff kicking in. Anyway, Los Campesinos! to look forward to in a week weeks! And just seen Broken Social Scene doing Kevin Drew’s new stuff which was fun, but nothing amazing.


Broken Social Scene present Kevin Drew’s Spirit If: Frightening Lives (mp3 Sendspace)

Vanishing ice and mirrors.

9 Sep

Back in August sea ice cover at the Arctic hit a record low weeks before the end of the melting season.

Ice, going, going...?


Now that sea ice extent is close to reaching its summer minimum it’s declined further. The fabled Northwest Passage has opened up for the first time in recorded history. In the 1500s European explorers set off to find a short route to the other side of the earth but a fortress of ice stood in the path of those ships. Even in the previous record year of 2005 not even the strongest icebreaker could navigate through the castellated icy kingdom that is the expanse of frozen water above Northern Canada and Alaska.

So another record, another route through. Back in the 1500s the incentive to find the passage was financial and colonial. Now it may be the same once again, encouraging trade from East Asia and Australia to the great seaports of Europe: Rotterdam, Felixstowe, Nantes, Deportivo. And this could be useful in a eco-friendly sense, cutting the journey between the furthest reaches of the earth by thousands of miles, millions of gallons of fuel, and huge amounts of carbon emissions. But the irony remains that human activity is behind this new saving grace.

And sea ice will continue to decline. New estimates have called for an ice free Arctic by 2030, 20 years earlier than the most dire predicition by the IPCC, mostly due to a more powerful albedo feedback than previously estimated.


On another note, I think i’m in love with the work of SnΓΈhetta and Kjetil Thorsen.


Buildings like icebergs, icebergs like buildings.

A world of mirrors.

Arvo Part -Spiegel im Spiegel