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Beijing Fog

27 Oct


If it wasn’t for the life threatening air pollution, I’d like to experience Beijing with 0% visibility.




Which is kind of funny because all the blogs (BLDG…dwell etc..) are running the story about Agro Housing

in China…and..well, plants need sunlight don’t they. But nonetheless the schemes look really cool. Le Corbusier wanted a nature fused with the city, and I think the average city dweller probably wants that too. Design E2 have a film about China’s building crisis, apparently if China meets its housing demands without thinking about the consequence then its residential construction industry will consume 1/4 of the world’s resources in 50 years. Which is almost unbelievably huge.

I suppose we could always exploit the next chunk of rock to meet those demands.

Or visa-versa they could move Beijing up there to escape the fog…which is now smog.

Bjork – Earth Intruders


All I Need is In Rainbows

11 Oct


¬†One of the best songs of the year….easily.


Just fantastic. And the way it moves from monochrome to technicolour. From tenebrous moodiness to such heartbreaking emotion.



W ow.



As an album In Rainbows is really very good too. The trio of Weird Fishes/Arpeggi –> All I Need –> Faust Arp is just magnificence.


I love the sound on the record. Nothing revolutionary for Radiohead, but oh so perfectly arranged.


The Blakeia/ Woolfian imagery on Weird Fishes is another highlight.


I’m in rainbows…

30 St. Mary Axe

7 Oct

Never ever used to like it…but seeing it up close.



The lines, the reflections, the perfect glass skin. And the colours which I never expected to be so beautiful.

too bad we couldn’t go inside.







The base was so brilliant. It’s a shame most people don’t see this part:



Oh…and a worthy winner of the Stirling Prize. I love this building, wish I could visit it.



I love the creation of shadows from the columns. And that wood…..




Neon Bible Video

7 Oct




Amazingly detailed. Not the huge offering expected, but still pretty incredible and totally original.

The new interactive Neon Bible (song) video.

BEONLINEB …. neon bible … 06 OCT 07

3 Oct

I didn’t think this week could get any more exciting, but I’m going to RIBA on Saturday and Arcade Fire are doing something very special, very mysterious, very odd on Saturday. They’re not just playing their final NA date at Randall’s Island in NY, but there’s been an extra link up on, a “bee” (hence the b) which directs you to and a picture of an eye. An eye which many on UKK seem to think is Win’s, but i doubt that.


So what might it be? Latest rumours are that it’s a DVD/Film release, which the additional release of B-Sides and rarities – either available online or as some sort of physical release. The film rumours have been swirling for months…well DVD rumours have been going for years, pretty much since a San Francisco gig was taped, later shown on MTV Two. Tracey Maurice has directed a Black Mirror video, which was supposed to have been shown on Channel 4 (UK) this Monday, but it was dropped with a few days to go….However this October 6th event is apparently not a video release…which I would have loved to have seen.


Other rumours include LCD Soundsystem remixes of Neon Bible. We were aware that James Murphy’s been working on a Black Mirror remix, but perhaps that’s not the only song he’s been remixing – and this seems a likely possibility given the “remixing” of into . If not all LCD remixes, then perhaps a remix album featuring other guests…although would have thought we’d have heard about it by now. Could it be to do with footage from Judson Memorial Church in NYC, or footage from St John’s Westiminster and Brixton (which was used in a little seen advert for Neon Bible in about June, with No Cars Go footage, on sky TV in the UK)…. maybe i’m getting carried away.


A UKKer found another beonlineb page,, which has a source code stating an “Neon Bible interactive video”….hmmm..AAHAHH!!!


seems like excitement stuff to come this weekend!!!!!


CLICK! First ever Black Mirror performance mp3 (ss)


1 Oct









9 days!!!