11 Nov


Film of the year.  It’s so beautiful. Every shot so meticulously delicate, so expertly coloured…or maybe it’s just that iceland really is that magical. that raw and powerful. The volcanic beauty of the rift valleys, mountains, cliffs and landslides sits beside a glacial, crystalline beauty of the river valleys and the warmth and harmony of the Icelandic people.  The editing is brilliant, especially the beautiful fade from the bridge shot to the Von performance where the wooden slat of the bridge dissovle into the wooden panelling of the community centre interior.

 And that opening. Water rushes backwards up cliff faces, up mountain gullies, up waterfalls, along glaciers, through slushy snowmelt.  Back to the beginning. Back to the horizon.


The performances are as magical as the locations, ágætis byrjun, von and vaka in particular . The Djúpavík herring factory performance was hauntingly beautiful.

And the chromatic rock/stone marimba so alien, yet so effective and warmth in its sound…ahh…just wow.


The new double album Hvarf/Heim is brilliant too.

Why can’t all music be this special.


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