Seasons in Reverse

22 Nov

It’s November and it’s meant to be the end of autumn here in the UK. Earlier this week a surprise “sort of cold” snap hit the middle of the country between Manchester and the northern Home Counties, resulting in snowfall for a large part of the country. It soon melted and was only around for a few hours, but still a strangely early arrival of snowfall in a time when any snowfall in winter is a rarity.

 But where I live that snow didn’t materialise. In fact there wasn’t a frost, but instead a slightly warmer than average November night. Tonight is another one of those slightly-warmer-than-average nights and tonight I was in for a REAL surprise. To me much more surprising than snow in November: flowers. And not just winter flowers, or early spring bloomers. Roses on two bushes on my road. In November not June. Perfect pale pink roses half uncurled like in a Disney cartoon. There were even more surprises: trees in bud, including a large Magnolia in full bud, a few had even flowered! And then there was the blossom. Not extremely impressive spells of lavish, cotton candy like eruptions of colour like recent warm springs have produced, instead a much more muted affair. But still, several trees in blossom, round about 4 months early. And that’s scary- that spring, a time of renewal and regeneration, is occuring when autumn  in meant to be in full swing – a time of regression and repose.

And the effects spread through the ecosystem. At the bus stop last weekend I was surrounded by wasps still searching for nectar in a sole  late bloomer, but with this new flowering will the few that have survived receive an unexpected reward??


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