Rubiks Reality

12 Jun

So I while back I posted about moving, rotating buildings and urban environments, which was really interesting. A little while after I came across some more posts about some potential projects and today I found out Dynamic Architecture has designed an actual rotating tower, together with some of the environmental, power generation, and user friendly benefits I suggested might be offered by this type of design.

So, Inhabitat has a nice post about the project and some great pics. Unsurprisingly Dubai is the base for the first of these towers, construction is to begin soon. And whilst I am against a lot of what Dubai is about – the superficiality, the environmental negligence, ostentatious luxury, worker exploitation and so on – it is an incredible opportunity to test out experimental, unique designs and ideas.

I really feel that this could be the start of something really exciting. This building is self sufficient too, in terms of energy requirements! Sure it’s in Dubai, but with the exponential improvement of voltaic cell efficiency it surely won’t be long before more innovative solar techniques are applied to everyday builds. There’s so much further to go before the Rubiks City I imagine could become reality, but I feel like this is a massive step forward and can’t wait to see the results. It’s the natural evolution of the merry -go-round via the Dymaxion House.

The next step might be an integration of flexible transport systems into city – lane alteration, for example for rush hour seeing 4 lanes of a 6 lane motorway allocated to the influx or exodus of workers in morning and evening respectively, retractable drainage systems and pedestrian crossings, roads turning to walkways and so on.

However, Dubai is also the land of the architectural gimmick. (Take your pic…)

World largest, biggest, tallest, shiniest…world’s first, world’s only, world’s most expensive…..And this all means there’s a threat of genuinely interesting ideas like this being cast in the mould of the Palm islands – pretty pointless in reality, all show and no tell. I guess we’ll see in the next few years if this building is a success, if it works. The architects/developers have gone for a big first development – it’s Dubai after all.

I’ve got a feeling though that working out new ideas on a smaller scale might be more useful. 7 smaller projects, but still larger than the several rotating homes already built, each completed in a fraction of the time of the Rotating Tower (Despite it’s relatively fast construction time) could offer 7 experimental approaches and then those outcomes could be factored into a really well thought out, more ideologically and technically sound buidling.

Anyway, i’m really excited just to see this being built. This is experimentation…and I love it!


Funnily enough there is a new car advert out, which is all about adjustable features/customization.

What is it about car adverts and rubiks like city environments?


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