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2010: The best tracks. Part 1 (1-10 of 20)

23 Dec

So, the snow has fallen, rivers have frozen, sky has darkened.

2010 was a year in which I didn’t listen to nearly as much new music as I should have.  A year I shunned albums and got a little too obsessed with tracks.  It’s also been a year my music taste has been set alight by the world of dance music and electronica, but there’s been ample amounts of alternative and independent music too.  The list below is quite diverse and I could have put so many more down, but I think this is sort of representative of the last 12 months of music for me.  Order is random. Part ONE.


1.  Wile Out (feat. Ms Dynamite) – DJ Zinc

Simply a genre bending, funky monster of a track.  The opening is a total bluff, the r&b/pop vibe snarling into a completely infectious bass heavy beast.

2. Real Love – Beach House (mp3)

The year’s most poetic ballad.  The album, Teen Dream features one beautiful love song after another, but  it’s the haunting Real Love that stands out after hundreds of plays.  At no other point in the year did a vocal track and a piano line sit so perfectly side by side.

3. Zodiac Shit – Flying Lotus (mp3)

The drama… the drama.. a stunning two part party of noises electronic, sampled and played.  Jazz syncopation, hip hop beats, classic samples….Like the soundtrack to a film set in the streets of LA 2050.

4. CMYK – James Blake (mp3)

It’s not often people make truly original music at the age of 21.  And it’s even rare that it’s so jaw-droppingly exciting, tense and well-crafted.

5. Odessa – Caribou

It’s like floating down a river made of mercury through the middle of a shadowy forest with the northern lights dancing above.

6.Fletta – Anthony & The Johnsons feat Bjork

This year’s most hard hitting track.   Ghostly yet visceral,  a quietly building onslaught of emotion, and a fan video of the highest standard.

7. Whip My Hair – Willow

More than a guilty pleasure.  The first glimpse of the future of pop.

8. Returnal – Oneohtrix Point Never

More sounds from the future.  Distorted, warped vocals and heavily textured sequencing.  A sci-fi stand-out.

9. Becoming a Jackal – Villagers

The bittersweet melancholy of growing up and falling in love.  A parallel fantasy world of dreams, windows and lovers – and a melody (and harmonies) to die for.

10. Round and Round – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti (mp3)

Pitch (im)pefect fuzzy daydreamer pop.  Spring time memories shot on Super8.

Part II to follow.