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Iceland Photos

28 Dec

some memories of september


sigur rós, westminster

25 Jun

Fantastic gig the other night (24th june). Great set list, happy Jonsi, brilliant audience, nice stage stuff, amazing acoustics… standing in the front row, 2/3 metres from jonsi and kjartan…hearing the vocals half through the amps, half directly through the air…it was brilliant. stand outs have to be Gobbledigook for being just FUN FUN FUN, and then Hafsol and Pop.. for sheer epic brilliance. However, Fljotavik is my favourite from the new album and hearing it was just beautiful…. understated, perfect and so emotional.Inni mer syngur vitletsinkur was the other new song to really shine. The new style of Med Sud works really well live, the more upbeat songs bounce really well off the sadder material. We were treated to three bows, two encores…and the final song All Alright was just haunting, heartbreaking.

When words just won’t do…

3 Jun

sigur rós: festival

[image: Michael Wolf- The Architecture of Density]

There are times when it’s just better to let the music speak for itself.

This is one of them.

Sigur Ros – Festival

[Radio 1 radio rip, first play, 3rd June 2008]

Thanks to janhaw from Sigur-Ros.co.uk messageboard for uploading.


21 Sep


Friends of the Earth film comp shortlist deciced. Now voting has started.

Some of the one minute shorts are really good.

Brilliant (below): Autumn




This all reminds me of: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/filmnetwork/A25405913
Watch this potential project in Singapore..beautiful presentation.


I’m kind of stressed at the moment. Music wise I’m mourning missing out on Sigur Ros Heima tickets, so the following are my songs of the moment. One really calming…and the others just plain fun…and seeing as Kanye nearly destroyed HBFS, we might as well remember the original.

Michael Andrews (Donnie Darko) – The Artifact and Living (ss)

Simian Mobile Disco – We Are Your Friends (ss)

Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (ss)